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Asheville, NC

We Do All of The Techie Stuff and Get You Launched.

Hosting, Servers, Domains, Code, and Unicorns... It's all the same to you. We get it.

All of our websites are built with onsite SEO?

Not everyone is familiar with hosting servers and domain transfers. To some, it's Greek. Even though... those of a more Grecian persuasion might disagree.


No worries because we offer to set it all up for you as a courtesy to our web design clients. We don't want you to be left baffled and overwhelmed with a long distance stare and a nervous tick at the end. We keep you quarantined from the expensive middle man and help you do this:


  • Find you a reputable hosting company you want and for the fairest price.
  • We'll set up your hosting and ftp with your chosen host provider.
  • Help you purchase, forward, or transfer your domain.
  • We can set up your new email accounts for you.
  • We upload and launch your website on your host for you when it's time to pop the cork.


We gotchya covered.

Website SEO? What gibberish is this now you might be asking? It means "Search Engine Optimization" and it is a process required for every website to be visible and easily found online through Google, Yahoo!, and the like. There is onsite SEO and external SEO. Onsite SEO is what we include and it involves optimizing techniques we incorporate into your images, code, and content so that the search engines can easily detect and rank you. We make sure your shiny new website is chocked full of this good stuff. We also Google verify your website and set you up with site stats to gauge your online traffic. Often, we have great success with our websites ranking on the first page of Google right out of the gate. For us, there's no point in having a beautiful website that can't be found in a search engine.

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External or offsite SEO? It's complicated.

In some cases, you may be in a highly competitive industry such as Real Estate and require more aggressive "external" or off-site SEO methods which involve engaging your social media, maintaining a blog, ad campaigns, and getting Google Reviews in order to get you to rank higher than your competitors. This is something we DO NOT offer because it is a full time effort and can become very costly to the client. However, we always ask our clients to ride it out for 2 to 4 weeks after your website first launches to see where it begins to settle with only it's built in onsite SEO. There is little reason to pay for additional external SEO methods until you know where you will settle first, unless of course you already know you're in a pretty saturated and competitive market.


However, if you want more than just a local online search presence and/or you already know your competitors are using aggressive methods, than you will have to play ball to rank well or at all. We do have some very talented and nicely priced SEO partners we can highly recommend if that time arrives.



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