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Why "Great" Website Design Matters?

What We Provide and What Sets Us Apart

Why would you settle for a website design that is just okay, or good enough, or looks like everyone else? Today, your website is the portal to your business. It's the virtual lobby where visitors show up anonymously from anywhere in the world to check you out 24/7. They are peering into the looking-glass of their desktops and mobile devices to find something amazing. They are looking for YOU.


If your website is easy to find, loads quickly, and looks as awesome as you are, then chances are you will be hearing from them.


We believe in creating beautiful custom websites... and also believe they should help grow your business or your next big idea.

  • A custom website design that truly reflects your style and your brand.
  • A search engine ready website that will rank well right away.
  • Websites that perform well in all the major web browsers.
  • Mobile Friendly custom design that looks and performs perfectly.
  • We can set you up for e-commerce and have you selling online in no time.
  • We set up your hosting, domains, emails, and provide you a hassle free launch.
  • Ability to login to your own website and make easy and simple updates.
  • Pricing that is fair and can be customized to fit your budget and built onto later.
  • Proofs throughout the design process to assure you're always in the loop.
  • Excellent and personable customer care for any change or concern you have.

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3 Tips for a better website


Provide Good Photography

Your website is only about as good as the photography you provide for it. Sorry, but those cellphone and tablet shots just don't quite cut it. We all love to brag on how great our mobile cameras are but in reality, they are never quite as sharp and the color is usually more blue than true. You won't be denied use of your mobile photos and there are ways we can warm the colors and sharpen them for you. However, if you can afford to hire a professional photographer, you will find you have far better compositions and quality. Either way you go, be sure your photos are high resolution and large in size. Photos can always be made smaller, but will blur and pixelate when enlarged.


Provide Good Content Writing

Take time to show your personality a bit. Many of us have a funny bone and if you can tickle it, than you will get your message across much more easily. Take time to make it entertaining and personable. Have fun and be witty. This is what engages your audience the most and makes them want to keep reading. Be real even if you have to be professional. Not feeling the writing bug? Hire a content writer, but be sure to check their portfolio first and see how their writing personally effects you. Also, be sure your content provides useful keywords and phrases for the search engines. Try to be brief because few will want to read an epic novel about what you do.


Plan and Research Your Competitors

Check out your competitors websites and note what works for you and what you like most. They don't have to be local. Look around and see if they touch on subjects you didn't think of. What do you love about their website? Were they easy to find in search engines? Are you somewhat envious of their online presence? No, we won't copy their website for you, but it will give us a nudge in the right direction to know what your competing with.




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