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Social Media Branding

When your social media pages look cohesively and professionally branded in line with your website and promotional materials, it sends the message that you are a boss, a professional, pay attention to detail, and consistent. All the qualities people tend to gravitate towards when trusting someone with their investment.

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What can we do for your social media presence?

Does it matter?

5 big red flags that do get noticed and are common. . .

  • Professionally design your social media headers to be cohesive with your brand and website.
  • Set up your account from scratch if needed.
  • Optimize an existing account for your business.
  • We provide branding design for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs, and others.

In most cases of unprofessional do-it-yourself social media graphics, there are 5 big red flags that always come up. The message these red flags can send to a potential customer or client is that you might be unprofessional and not invested in your business. This is likely not the case, but unconsciously it can send that message in the same way as if you met an important client wearing a suit with dirty sneakers and mustard on your cheek. It's easy to assume our online presence isn't as easily critiqued, but whether consciously or not... it is. It's the cover to your book and if you want people to open it and read about you, than you need to present your self like a boss.

  1. Blurry or pixelated photos and logos.
  2. Images that are distorted or out of proportion.
  3. Poor quality cellphone photography.
  4. Unprofessionally designed logos.
  5. Bad or uneven cropping of images and logos.



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