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Asheville, NC

What Makes Us Different?

What We Provide

  • New Print Design
  • Pre-Press Setup
  • Color Correction
  • Existing Print Design Edits
  • Vector Conversions for Vinyl and Router Cutouts
  • Printing Company Providers
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Content Writing Assistance
  • Product Photography
  • Subpar Chalk Drawings & Corny Jokes


What We Design

  • Magazine and News Ads
  • Business Cards and Postcards
  • Rack Cards and Pop Displays
  • Trade Show Displays and Banners
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Catalogs and Manuals
  • Menus
  • Book Covers
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Packaging and Labels

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Print Design

Well designed print media is perfect for organic marketing and having on hand for when you're out shaking hands. It's tangible and personable. We can design for anything you care to cover in ink. It doesn't matter how large the graphic.


Your print graphics should be crisp. Nothing blurry and nothing pixelated. The color should be correct and true to your design. We get it designed correctly and prepare it to the specs of your chosen printing company for you. We also have local printing companies as well as online sources we can highly recommend.

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3 Tips for better print design

Provide Good Photography

Your print designs will only be about as good as the photography you provide for it. Sorry, but those cellphone and tablet shots just don't quite cut it. Mobile device cameras are often never sharp enough and the color more blue than true. You need to provide us with high resolution and large images. Images pulled from a website will never make the grade. Web images print much smaller in size and they can only be made smaller but never larger without blurring and pixelating. Use a professional photographer if you can. You will get far better compositions, color, and resolution. If that's not in the budget, we will do what we can. We can't make them larger but we can sharpen and color correct if needed.

Provide Good Content Writing

The days of dry, lifeless, and professional content writing thankfully are passing away. Take time to show your personality a bit. Many of us have a funny bone and if you can tickle it, than you will get your message across much more easily. Take time to make it entertaining and personable. Have fun and be witty. This is what engages your audience the most and makes them want to keep reading. Be real even if you have to be professional. Not feeling the writing bug? Hire a content writer, but be sure to check their portfolio first and see how their writing personally effects you. Many say they are content writers, but maybe not so much.  Try to be brief because no one wants to read an epic novel about what you do.

Plan and Research Your Competitors

Check out your competitors print designs and note what works for you and what you like most. Look around and see if they touch on subjects you didn't think of. What do you love about their print designs most?  Is it the quality of paper? The vividness of the ink and colors? The photography, content, or layout? Score us a copy if you can, or at least a decent photo. We will tell you what's great and what's wrong and how we can make yours better. This will give us a far better advantage in knowing the direction you want to go in, as well as how to one up your toughest competitor.




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