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Logo Design

Your logo can be thought of as "putting a face to the name". Many of us often recall faces more easily than names, because visually, there is so much more input going into how this person or interaction makes you feel and what kind of lasting impression they make. You can't build a brand or a memorable image for people to become familiar with, without this one simple thing. The logo.


We can design a brand new logo or possibly upgrade a current logo you have. At times, someone may have a logo they want to use for a larger format but they don't have the original artwork and it won't enlarge without blurring. Often, we can take a scan or photo of your current logo, vectorize it and clean it up. Then you will have a logo that can be used on a business card or a billboard.


We will meet with you to discuss your vision for the perfect logo. Then offer 10 design drafts according to your vision and any examples you may have provided. From there, you may see elements from the different drafts we provided, that we can tie together for you into the logo that fits you perfectly.


We will then provide you with the final files for your logo in all of the most useful formats.


Brand Design

Brand design is the overall cohesive look and feel for your company, which incorporates your logo into everything from commercials to packaging to your website. While the logo serves as your identity, the brand serves more as the gleeful stalker of the logo, showing it off everywhere it goes. Your branding is your ability to get out there and introduce your self and let people get to know you. A logo with no branding is sort of just a lone wallflower with no personality.


Branding creates consistency and familiarity with your company through many different avenues of marketing. For example, if you were to produce a company video, regardless if it's a commercial or if it's a tutorial, you would incorporate all the elements that represent your brand best. Is the speaker fun or serious? What kind of soundtrack is being played? What colors are keeping the theme throughout the video? Is there an intro and exit jingle that people will come to recognize? As an example of strong brands, one may think of Coca-Cola, Nike, CNN, Geico, or GoDaddy.


We can help you design your brand and guide you through the different opportunities to become more recognized. What do YOU want to say? What do YOU wish to support? What would YOU want to look like in the eyes of the world?

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Logo & Brand Design for Leaders and Rebels.

Everywhere we look, we discover the design of things. Good design grabs and holds our attention and makes us want more of it. Print, web, architecture, engineering, fashion, interior, culinary, landscaping, and the list goes on.


With 20 years of experience, you learn what works and what doesn't. We make great efforts to keep our design approach fresh and ever evolving, while staying in the framework of what works best for YOU and has longevity.


We always strive to look at YOU, the client, and see who YOU are. What do YOU need? What do YOU represent? How can we make YOU stand out from the crowd and highlight how awesome YOU are?

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